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One of the reasons I love my job is the variety of stuff I get to do – even if it is exhausting sometimes.

I was up at 05:30 this morning in order to be at Waterloo station in time to photograph crowds on their way to the royal wedding in Windsor for a client.

It’s been a fun day. The atmosphere at Waterloo was relaxed but all hands were on deck, including SWR MD Andy Mellors who was there to support his staff. As it was the crowds were steady and the plans that had been but in place coped easily.

After a couple of hours I travelled with revellers to Windsor to get pictures at journeys end.

Now the jobs over, the photo’s have been emailed to the client and I have the slightly surreal experience of watching the wedding which is taking place only a few hundred yards away on a TV in a local pub.

Right, time for a little wander before heading home for the night to exchange clothes and pick up my PPE. Tomorrow I head for Brighton in readiness for a job on Monday – the day the biggest change in rail timetables begins. After which I head back to Yorkshire, only to travel to Gatwick the next day in order to fly to New York for a week. Meanwhile, here’s another couple of pictures from today.

DG296304. Royal wedding crowds. Windsor and Eton central. 19.5.18

Royal wedding crowds flood off Windsor and Eton riverside station to head to the royal wedding procession route.

DG296170. SWR staff member gets into the wedding spirit. Waterloo. 19.5.18

A member of SWR staff at Waterloo had entered into the spirit of the day

I must admit, I found the whole day fascinating, mainly because of the wide spectrum of people I encountered going to watch the wedding. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I hope to find time to talk about this in another blog.