We’re taking our leave of soggy and gloomy Yorkshire aboard a Grand Central train to London. You can tell it’s January, not just by the weather but by how quiet the train is. GC services are normally very busy nowadays with some services full and standing, but on this one there’s enough room to park an elephant. The good thing about it is the staff have more time to chat, so I’ve had and interesting discussion with Zak (our Customer Service Assistant) about his home town in the Gujarat, India – which I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago.

We’re heading for his part of the world now. Not India itself, but the island that lies at the top of it – Sri Lanka. I first went there in 1992 but I’ve not been back since 2004 so I’m looking forward to seeing how much it’s changed – and to soaking up some winter sunshine on one or two of those glorious beaches.

But first there’s an important stop to make at Searcy’s champagne bar in St Pancras station.

See you later folks…