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The first award of 2016 goes to one Nicholas J Batty for this (just posted) supremely idiotic tweet where he forgot to check the calender before typing;


What happens when you click on the petition link?You get a petition that closed on the 7th August 2014 after gathering 124 signatures!

The appropriately named Mr Batty appears to be a classic Walter Mitty personality as anyone browsing his details will find. He has a long history of preposterous personal claims. The anti Hs2 campaign does seem to attract an awful lot of people like him.  Still, a man who can claim the anti Hs2 campaign is both “relentless” and “expanding” whilst posting rubbish like this obviously lives in a special place the rest of us don’t.

Meanwhile, the active anti Hs2 flood petition has just passed the 1700 mark in 7 days. Anyone proficient in either maths or the way these polls work will know that means it doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of hitting the 100,000 in 6 months that it needs.

2023 update.

The petition died a death after 6 months having collected a paltry 8,116 signatures. Funnily enough, the overwhelming majority came from constituencies along the HS2 route with no history of flooding – what a co-incidence!

It took several more years before HS2 antis finally twigged that all these petitions did was expose their Nimbyism due to the fact the maps displayed with the petitions showed where the majority of people signing them lived – this neatly displaying the routes of HS2! They were always fun to number-crunch as the other drawback for antis was they also exposed how few of them there were. When their ‘strongholds’ couldn’t get more than 2% of constituents to sign you knew their claims of ‘overwhelming support’ where pure bluster.

The last petition they tried was in 2021. Started by celebrity conservationist (but clueless environmentalist) Chris Packham is got 155,000 signatures. Still a piss-poor amount but enough to take it over the 100,000 needed for a debate. That was when the fun started!

HS2 antis were cock-a-hoop. Now there’s be a vote in Parliament that would stop HS2! It was complete bollocks of course. I’d been pointing out the small print in these petitions for years but either they’d never read it or had deliberately ignored it. Here’s a classic example from Sebastian Sandys, the man who called himself their ‘Parliamentary liaison team’. Someone who should surely have known how these things worked, no? No – as I exposed in this blog.

When the petition was debated in a committee room (not in Parliament) by the handful of MPs who bothered to turn up and there was no vote at the end the penny finally dropped with some of the antis. It was a complete waste of time. I doubt we’ll see them trying futile stunts like this again. Their petitions are history, as is the ‘batty bricklayer’ who’s disappeared completely…

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