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The anti hs2 mob are having a terrible election. Their ‘ no votes for you with Hs2’ has been as much use as a chocolate teapot. None of the major parties (or even a single MP) have been persuaded to change their minds. Yesterday it went from bad to worse as the Labour party released their manifesto containing a clear commitment to build Hs2.

Desperately looking for any crumb of comfort Stop Hs2 Chair Penny Gaines had a hilarious ‘Vicky Pollard’ moment – along with one another anti (who’ve featured here before).

'What,the labour party still support Hs2? Yeah, but no, but yeah but no...'

‘What,the labour party unequivocally support Hs2? Yeah, but no, but yeah but no…’

Here’s the ludicrous press release from Pollard – sorry, Gaines:


“they claim to support HS2, but their support leaves a large get-out clause in the form of costs” Thunders ‘Vicky’, neatly falling for her own spin.

Why? Because Hs2 costs haven’t actually risen. What has happened is the economic case which contains detailed costs & revisions after some projects have been scrapped hasn’t been re-issued yet. And remember, those costs already contain a huge contingency. Hs2 are designing the line without using that contingency in their calculations. So, when Labour talk about costs, they they know they’re on pretty safe ground.

Poor ‘Vicky’ can’t mention this as it would expose StopHs2’s years of deception on ‘rising’ costs. Instead, she tries & fails to find some political tea-leaves to read & give false hope to the poor people who still fall for Stophs2’s lies & deceit.

Meanwhile, what does Labour leader Ed Miliband think about Hs2? His recent Yorkshire Post interview answers that:


“But asked whether Leeds voters who back Labour can expect HS2 to be delivered on the current timetable if the party wins power, Mr Miliband told the YEP: “Yes.”

He continued: “We support HS2, absolutely, we support HS2. We are not backing off it, we are not changing our position on it. We are supporters of HS2 and that’s clear.

“What Ed Balls has said is that we need the east-west link as well and that’s right.”

Mr Miliband’s commitment on the issue means the election campaign has now produced unequivocal backing from both major parties on pushing ahead to connect Leeds to London and to Manchester and Liverpool with high speed rail.”

Now,’Vicky’ Gaines. Which bit of unequivocal’ don’t you understand?

‘Yeah, but no – but yeah, but no…’