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As if the fact all the major political parties have now endorsed Hs2 in their manifestos there’s yet more disastrous news for the anti Hs2 campaign, c/o newspaper ‘City AM’ & polling company electionforecast.co.uk. They’ve looked at how UKIP are polling in their 12 target seats.

Here’s a link to the ‘City AM’ article:


The result that is especially interesting is Aylesbury. It’s this:


The relevant percentages are Tories 54% Labour 16% LD 16% UKIP 11% Greens 2% others 1%

Hang on, UKIP on 11% and the Tories on 54%? This is meant to be a bastion of the anti Hs2 campaign, a veritable hotbed of irate citizens itching to show their displeasure at the ballot box. For weeks they’ve even been insisting that the anti Hs2 vote could swing the election! Now it seems it can’t even swing a seat in their very heartland…

All this shows is what I’ve been saying for years. The anti Hs2 campaign has lied about how much public support it really has and UKIP fell for it. There’s going to be one hell of a reality check coming for the anti Hs2 campaign after the general election.

Talking of reality checks. I hear that the Hs2 Action Alliance haven’t filed any accounts since 2013. I wonder why? That can’t be good for their credit rating…