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It’s a month on from my blog exposing how little real support the anti Hs2 campaign has so I thought it was time for an update. After all, we’re in the run up to a general election & Hs2 has been in the news. The 3 major parties have all restated their support whilst UKIP & the Greens have restated their opposition. Has this galvanised the anti Hs2 campaign? The immortal words of the TV character Jim Royle spring to mind.

Previously, I’d highlighted the fact that all their claims of ‘mass support’ & being a ‘growing campaign’ were nothing but hot air & I used their support on social media to illustrate this. Of course, since then the Jeremy Clarkson incident broke. That really went viral, both on social media & in the real world. Over 1 million folks signed a petition to get the presenter reinstated!


This seems to have thrown anti Hs2 campaigners into a bit of a depression. After all, they’ve been trying to drum up support for years & got nowhere. Then along comes Clarkson & within days – bang – 1 million signatures! Ironically, 1 million is the number some anti Hs2 folks claim are blighted by the project…

Let’s revisit the original 22nd February ‘scores on the doors’ for the Hs2 anti’s on social media. Today’s updated scores are in brackets along with percentage changes.

Here’s the Twitter followers of the main anti Hs2 groups:

Hs2 Action Alliance (@hs2aa): 3,199 followers (today 3,237 + 38 = 1.19%)

StopHs2 (@stophs2): 4,112 (today 4,167 + 55 = 1.34%)

I’ve also included both of StopHs2’s leaders.

Joe Rukin (@joerukin): 1,857 (today 1,871 + 14 = 0.75%)

Penny Gaines (@penny_gaines): 399 (today 401+ 2 = 0.5%)

51M (@51M_Hs2project): 610 (today 613 + 3 = 0.49%)

Here’s AGAHST’s ‘leader’

AGAHST’s Deanne DuKhan (@DuKhanD): 654 (today 654 + 0 = 0%)

Meanwhile, over on Facebook (used by over 30 million Britons);

Hs2aa: 2,168 (today 2,154 – 14 = minus 0.65%)

StopHs2: 6,415 (today 6,325 – 90 = minus 1.4%)

51M: 393 (today 387 – 6 = minus 1.53%)

It’s worth noting that 51M’s FB account still hasn’t been updated since the 1st June 2011.

Hmm, so much for that expanding campaign! Expanding? It’s actually shrinking on the media with the biggest penetration (Facebook) and hardly moving at all on Twitter (a medium widely regarded as stagnant). Not only are they failing to get their message across, they’re actually in retreat. Perhaps they should sack Joe Rukin & give his job to Jeremy Clarkson?

Of course, in real life – things are even worse. Hs2aa has blown all its money on futile legal cases so isn’t even churning out misleading posters. StopHs2 isn’t in any better position. No-one has organised any demonstrations at Parliament because (frankly) the numbers showing up is plain embarrassing – I’ve seen more life in a tramps vest! What is also telling is that their annual gathering in Staffordshire has bitten the dust too. It failed to happen in 2014 & there’s no sign of it happening in 2015 either. Talk about failing to get your message across…

So,next time you hear a few lazy journalists trot out the usual trite phrases about how there’s ‘strong’ opposition to Hs2, feel free to ask them, “where”?