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Another less than vintage day here in the Calder valley as the weather forecast wasn’t far wrong. Whilst last night’s high winds had dropped by this morning the rain returned, making this a rather wet Wednesday. As if that wasn’t enough to lower one’s mood I ended up in a frustrating fight with technology for several hours. I’d planned to update my eBay account to reflect the new postal rates but the site kept crashing which was rather annoying. Undeterred, I started consolidating 2023s pictures from various hard-drives only to find one decided to play-up by refusing to copy over large folders. I ended up needing to leave my machine running and go for a walk whilst it huffed and puffed but at least that way I got some exercise – even if it was in the rain. I suspect I’m going to have to invest in a new portable hard-drive although I rarely need to use them nowadays except for extra storage and as a back-up whilst I’m travelling – although cloud-based services offer enough space to do that now – as long as you have an internet connection, which is where the hard-drives still come in useful.

Come late afternoon I decided ‘bugger this for a lark’ and retreated to the kitchen to knock up this evenings meal. I made a Chana Masala from scratch. Cooking is one of my therapies and today that was needed! There’s plenty left over for portions to be frozen for another day, although we did polish off the last of the chapattis – something else to add to the shopping list. Much as I like preparing Indian meals from scratch I’m quite happy to buy ready-made Chapattis!

As for tomorrow, another day struggling with technology beckons I reckon – and yet more indifferent weather. Still, as always – there’s plenty to do. Now, what picture can I entertain you with today? I’ve not been out with the camera for a few days now because of time limitations and the weather, but I did come across this with the camerphone the other day when I was walking along the canal. Here’s when you only have a narrowboat but want to channel your inner Viking…

Storage is always at a premium on narrowboats but these boxes with solar-panel roofs are a nifty way of solving the problem – and decorative too!

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