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There’s a double-bill of these coming shortly. This shouldn’t have been the first, but no matter as it was posted on social media today. Step forward serial liar Mark Keir! Keir is well-known to readers of this blog as I’ve highlighted his habit of telling the most enormous whoppers several times. One such occasion when he pants were so ablaze it would have taken most of the London Fire Brigade to put ’em out was when he claimed he was watching HS2 workers cutting down the actual tree Roald Dahl visited and wrote about in his story ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. It was an outrageous lie of course. That tree was in a completely different wood – and it blew down years ago – as I documented in this blog. I’ve plenty of other examples of him making stuff up, this is just two examples.

Keir’s a serial fantasist who’s hung around anti HS2 camps for years, having infested various ones, starting with the Harvil Rd camp. For some bizarre reason some people hang on his every word, despite his long (long) history of failure and humiliations – including in Court. After Harvil Rd Jones’ Hill woods was another of his last stands. It’s a place he still hangs around, apparantly, but not enough to help remove the useless tip of an abandoned protest camp in Jones’ Hill woods which ‘eco-warriors’ like him have left to rot and pollute the wood. Their presence has pretty much destroyed the woodland floor leaving it barren – unlike the nearby woodlands.

This make’s Keir’s tweet even more hypocritical. Here’s what he posted.

All dead after 2 years? Really? No. It’s a bare-faced lie. How do I know? Simple. I visited this site on the 1st April and the only fool here is Keir.

In contrast to the aerial shot Keir’s deliberately used as it shows no detail I took dozens of pictures of the trees growing on the site. If any have died (and some will have), they’ve been replanted. They’re still small, so you can’t see much of them outside their protestive cardboard sheaths, but there’s plenty that you *can* see with the naked eye from the perimeter fence. This is why Keir lying like this is so dumb. Anyone passing can see he’s not telling the truth. But – as usual – his adoring (but gullible) audience fall for it.

You can find all my pictures from Jones’ Hill woods in this gallery – they’re all clearly labelled. Here’s a sample. These young trees are by the boundary fence, so hardly invisible to the naked eye! Give it another couple of months and this area will be a riot of colour.

It’s about time those opposed to HS2 woke up and smelled the coffee to realise that people like Keir have been lying to them for years. Did it stop HS2? Of course not…

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