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Today’s been one of those rare days that has absolutely nothing to do with railways. Instead it’s been all about the holiday – and food…

Dawn’s been a busy Easter bunny over the past couple of days, cooking up an absolute storm as we’ve spent to day with her parents over in Huddersfield, having prepared a festive feast for the four of us. I played my part as kitchen assistant and chief washer-up, but the lions share of the work’s been done by Dee. We’ve eschewed the traditional Easter fayre of lamb and went for pork and duck instead. But even that wasn’t particularly traditional as the Duck was served cold or in a stir-fry medley mixed with Hoisin sauce. So, for the past few days our cottage has been filed with the most delicious smells as the pork was prepared in a slow-cooker and the duck in the oven.

The idea was to get as much prepared at home before we ferried the food (and ourselves) over to Dee’s parents where everything was assembled in their kitchen. Oh, I forgot to mention the home-made gravy with apples, Shallots, Dijon mustard, celeriac, white wine, chicken stock and honey garlic and Thyme. Then there was the pork crackling, made from the fat off the joint and crisped to perfection at home. Plus – as a dessert – sticky Ginger puddings with a ginger wine and brandy sauce…

Feeling hungry yet?

In preparation for such a repast the two of us stretched our legs and burned off a few calories by wandering around a local beauty spot. Beaumont Park is on the edge of the valley looking out towards Castle Hill and a place called Armitage Bridge. It was the nearest I got to a railway today as there’s an impressive viaduct below which allows Penistone line services to cross the gap.

Now, having stuffed ourselves, we’re back at home. The surplus food’s stashed away. It’ll feed us for the next few days, allowing us to concentrate on other holiday activities. We’d planned to have a long walk tomorrow but the forecast isn’t looking like the weather’s going to play ball. Even so – tomorrow’s a day for just the two of us. We’ll get out somewhere – we just don’t know where yet. Meanwhile, i’ll leave you with today’s picture, which is one of the views from Beaumont Park. I must come back with the proper camera one day…

With Castle Hill in the background, the Honley viaduct on the Penistone line dominates this view from Beaumont Park.

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