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Today wasn’t a bad day to have been working from home as the weather’s been changeable to say the least – and not exactly balmy either. We’ve had shower after shower interspersed with heavy cloud, bright sunshine, rainbows and wind. I didn’t mind too much as I’d plenty to keep me occupied at home including editing all the pictures from the past few days. They’ve been captioned and placed in several different galleries on my Zenfolio website. If you’re a transport nerd I’ve pretty much covered all bases. You can find ships here. Aviation here and even some buses here. On the railway front there’s pictures of Trans-Pennine Express as well as Northern and Merseyrail. If freight services are your bag I’ve also added a few shots of loco-hauled GBRf trains. Right, everyone happy now?

Ah, that leaves me with one problem. What to choose as the picture of the day…

OK, there *is* one picture I’ve not added to anything yet. It’s one I took in New Brighton the other day and it’s of a pub sign that became rather famous due to the subject matter. Folk on Merseyside are well-known for humour and directness when it comes to politics. You can get into some great discussions on the latter on both sides of the Mersey (unless you venture into Tory Cheshire) where the heat of political discussion is almost always leavened with acerbic wit.

This particular establishment (formerly the James Atherton on Victoria Rd) decided to make their feelings known about Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock. Considering yesterday’s events when Johnson made an arrogant, unapologetic and entitled arse of himself in front of the Parliamentary Standards Committee this seems rather appropriate.

Some folk may be wondering why I’m referring to Merseysiders rather than ‘Scousers’. There’s a simple reason for that. ‘Scousers’ is a term that only applies to those born in Liverpool – not elsewhere on Merseyside. So, people from Birkenhead (the ‘wrong’ side of the Mersey) and satellite towns outside the city real Scousers call ‘Woolybacks’! I was born in the L9 district of Liverpool. Therefore, by an accident of birth (and a long story) that makes me a Scouser. ‘alright’!

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