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Now I’m back in the UK I’m returning to the picture of the day format for daily blogs as life isn’t going to be quite as exciting or colourful here in dear old Blighty although I have do some interesting trips and visits planned over the next few months. Today wasn’t one of them! Dawn had to go into the Community Rail Network office in Huddersfield whilst I was half tempted to go for a wander with the camera as the weather this morning was gorgeous. It was one of those crisp sunny mornings that really make you want to enjoy the day, but the forecast showed that it wasn’t going to last. The forecast was spot on. By lunchtime heavy cloud had enveloped the valley, closely followed by heavy snow showers but the snow didn’t stick as the ground was so sodden.

Deciding I was going to be more productive at home I retreated to the office to continue paper shuffling and picture editing until late in the afternoon when I decided exercise was more important. Wrapping myself up in waterproofs I strolled down to Sowerby Bridge. I’d half a mind to try and get a few pictures of the Trans-Pennine Express services which are being diverted through the Calder Valley due to the engineering blockade at Stalybridge but the weather didn’t play ball. Mind you, the lateness of the day and the position of the sun (when it shone) didn’t help. Maybe tomorrow as I’m still readjusting to the UK weather after two months in Asia where it’s much more predictable – and a damned sight warmer!

Back home I knocked off early in order to take up cooking duties whilst Dawn was at work. We’d purchased all the ingredients for a Thai green curry, a dish we both really enjoy so I spent a happy hour chopping chicken and slicing veg before filling the kitchen with some delicious smells to welcome Dee when she walked in the door.

Now it’s time to wind down for the evening and leave you with today’s picture, which is another from my recent Asian travels. Singapore has some amazing architecture – old and new. This includes stations on their metro network, especially on some of the newer lines. They’re essays in glass and steel, but each one’s different. Here’s Stevens station on the Thompson-East Coast line which only opened in November 2022.

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