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Shit – 12 days already? OK, if it wasn’t for my injury I might not have stayed so long. On the other hand – I’m in no rush to leave. I love it here and it’s the one place where – if I had another life – I’d consider moving to. Funnily enough Charlotte and Adi expressed the same sentiment because you can get everything here – and you’re not too far from the Thai border -hence the daily minibuses. Only now there’s a fly in that ointment. The Thai Government have decided you can only make two stamped at the border crossings a calender year. After that you need to apply for a (free) visa at a Thai embassy – which will take up a whole day of your time and a page in your passport. This doesn’t apply if you fly. It’s purely about land crossings. Let’s not even get into ‘green’ options – although I’m considering mine.

Therefore I’ve decided to stay longer in Malaysia and spend time thinking about where I go next. After all, there’s so much to see and do here and Georgetown’s the perfect place for people -watching. I’ve been taking pictures today which do exactly that. I love wandering the streets so here’s a couple of todays pictures.

I walked through Downing St earlier. Remember when you used to be able to do that in the UK? Admittedly, is wasn’t full of tw*ts in those days…

Having been here for a while I’ve started to get to know some people. Not foreigners – I had a very depressing experience sharing a table in an Indian curry house tonight, when my enforced English companion (no other table was free) started banging on about ‘illegal’ immigrants taking people’s jobs in the UK. I was too mellow to rip him a new arsehole on that one, especially when he admitted he just drifted around Asia. But that’s a lot of Brits for you. Neither history nor immigration laws are their forte. It’s frustrating and the fact these xenophobes can’t put 2 and 2 together makes me want to scream.

It’s late and I won’t start telling the story of the chap in the bechak (tricycle) tonight as he deserves more. Instead, here’s a cuddly cat picture. Malaysians love their pets and also look after strays, You’ll always see pellet food and water being left out in strategic places. But in this case – this pudding thinks it owns the shop-house it lives in by the simple expedient of blocking the narrow doorway.

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