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I’m back to being on my lonesome as Charlotte and Adi left this morning to head to KL. I’m sure they’ll have a great adventure on the rest of their trip but now it’s time for me to refocus and decide what I do next. My back’s gradually healing and I’m not in the same pain I was a week ago, but time’s ticking and I need to think about my next moves. That’s a decision for the morrow I think. As I’m flying solo again I had a lazy morning in order to rest my back, then went for a wander with the camera. It may be Sunday here but Georgetown’s still busy with visitors – many of whom are local to Malaysia. I’ve been fascinated to see how much indigenous tourism there is now, which suggests that the Malaysian economy and people’s disposable incomes are doing rather well. Many of the new bars around Lebuh Chulia aren’t catering for foreigners, they’re catering for Malaysians. Obviously, the Moslem Malays don’t drink, but the Chinese and Indian communities do – and they make up a large part of these bars clientele.

However, not all glistens with gold. Whilst there’s undoubtedly a lot of money here Malaysia’s no different in the fact the wealth is unevenly distributed. I passed a brand-new Bentley the other day. Shortly after I saw an old Chinese woman (whom I recognise from past trips) doing her usual rounds on her cycle cargo carrier to pick up old cans, cardboard and glass to make a few Ringgit from recycling. In the past she did this with her husband, but now she’s solo. I wonder what happened to him?

Earlier I went for a wander with no particular aim in mind other than to explore new streets. When I got to a crossroads I turned in the opposite direction to normal, which meant I ended up in Lebuh Armenian. (Armenian St) which is packed with shops selling anything from artistic items relating to the famed street-art to craft beers and baklava. This is why I love Georgetown. It’s a place full of artists – and surprises. I can see I’m going to have to make room in my suitcase for some items…

Asian food? No. But it’s hard to resist sweets like Baklava sometimes and they chime with the sweet tooth in this part of the world. Just don’t ask about diabetes rates in Asia…

After returning home and having showered I then had a video-call with Dawn. We may be thousands of miles apart but it’s something I’m determined to do – just to have some quality time together. Afterwards I nipped out for something to eat and ended up in Lebuh Carnarvon as the sky was looking very threatening with a massive build-up of thunderous looking cloud. I chose a stall selling duck noodle soup which I’d never eaten at before. The food was great and the bickering between the two guys that ran it added another level of entertainment entirely!

It was worth eating here purely for the banter and comedy value.

Now, as I type this from the comfort of my Lodge I can hear the rain bucketing down. I’d thought about a couple of days on a beach at Batu Ferringhi, but the weather forecast might not play ball. Still, it could be an interesting time to be out with the camera…

Thunderous skies over Lebuh Chulia.

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