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I’ve had a relaxed day here in Georgetown, mainly because I’m resting my weary (and bruised) muscles. The rest of me’s fine and rather chafing at the inconvenience but hey ho. On the plus side, I’ve enjoyed the downtime, got a fair bit of picture editing done and just enjoyed being here without any pressure. I’ve still got out and about to explore the area and get a few pictures as well as enjoy some lovely food.

I left the ‘young uns’ to their own devices today until this evening when the three of us met up to enjoy some gorgeous pork and noodle soup from a street vendor set back from Lebuh Chulia. We’ve been eating lots of different foods whilst we’ve been here, mostly swapping between Indian and Malaysian although we hadn’t really ventured into Chinese, so tonight we put that right. It’s a very busy little stall and I’ll add some pictures tomorrow.

Afterwards our trio retreated to the Chulia Heritage hotel to sit and talk about family and stuff, reminiscing about the past. I’m almost twice my niece’s age which means we have very different memories of the Bigland family history. Poor Adi got a bit left out as the two of us played jigsaw with our common heritage but he coped really well! It’s not something I do very often as I rarely see my remaining siblings which makes being out here with my niece and her husband such a lovely experience. Hopefully, my injury will be more rested tomorrow and I can explore further and spend more time with the two of them before they head off to Kuala Lumpur and Bali.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of today’s pictures.

Lebuh Chulia may slowly be changing but there’s still wonderful places like this bric a brac/antique shop to explore. I loved the racks on the counter to the right which were full of old photographs. Most seemed to be from family albums form the 1960s-70s. Talk about looking back in time. I couldn’t help wondering who the people were and what happened to them,
There’s joss sticks – and there’s joss sticks! These massive and decorative ones were being offered up at the Goddess of Mercy Buddhist temple on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling earlier today.

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