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It’s lovely to be back in Georgetown after so many years. The place has changed, but it still has a relaxed vibe in the main, and some fantastic food! The three of us had a lazy morning following the past few days travelling and ended up having a late breakfast of the signature Penang dish Nasi Kandar at a well-known local back-street establishment, Line Clear. Besides the food it has the attraction of a characterful, ‘bling’ wearing and rapping chef who performs for people gangsta style, which means he features in many customers videos. Charlotte and Adi found him great fun!

A substantial plate of Nasi Kandar, with some very meaty chicken. The local feral cats enjoyed it too…

Afterwards I took them both on a tour of the area. We’d hoped to visit the ornately decorated Koo Kongsie, a wonderful Chinese Clanhouse at the East end of Lebuh Chulia but it seems it hasn’t yet reopened following the pandemic. Instead we popped down to Weld Quay before wandering through the banking and commercial district along Beach St which contains some imposing and impressive old buildings, many of which remain in very good condition still reflecting the colonial affluence and importance of the town. It was a lovely morning, partly because I got to explore a place I really enjoy but also because I had quality time with Charlotte and Adi. Having walked a fair distance we returned to Little India to enjoy cold drinks at a little juice bar we’ve discovered on Queen St.

Suitably refreshed we returned home. I wanted to spend several hours working whilst the other other two had plans of their own. I had a relaxed but worthwhile few hours editing the hundreds of pictures I have in the queue to add to my Zenfolio picture website. Now all I have to do is caption them first. Expect them to appear over the next few days.

By early evening we were all getting hungry and met up to eat. I suggested Indian vegetarian as a contrast to this morning and remembered a place I knew from the past, so we ended up in this establishment which serves a great selection of South Indian food. Adi decided he was ‘going for it’, which meant we feasted on a selection of Dosa’s, Puris and side dishes including sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach. The whole lot for the three of us cost RM30.50 (around £5.75).

Adi and Charlotte enjoying our veggie feast.

Now I’m having an early night, sorting out some more work and a picture request from a company in the UK before an early start tomorrow. We’re off to visit the famous Penang butterfly farm which seems to have changed out of all recognition since my last visit in 1998. We’re all really looking forward to it.

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