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I’m afraid it’s a short blog from me today as it’s been a busy one and it’s already nearly 23:00. I was up at silly o’ clock (05:30) in order to pack, leave my hotel and find an honest Bangkok taxi driver willing to use their meter. Funnily enough, this issue was highlighted in today’s issue of the Bangkok Post! There’s always taxi drivers hanging around that time of the morning, but they want 200 baht for what’s a 70 baht journey. The irony? I won’t touch ’em with a bargepole, but I will tip the honest ones who use the meter. So you have to factor in extra time for an honest taxi driver to pass by.

I was lucky and ended up at Thonburi station with an hour to spare. I’d been there before but had completely forgotten about the massive market next door – which is where I bought breakfast prior to joining the train. To be honest, unless you’re a rail enthusiast or wanting to get pictures of the redeveloped railway, it’s not the most interesting of trips. It’s not particularly scenic – as far as Kanchanaburi at least, and you pay ‘tourist price’ (100 baht) for your ticket. But, I enjoyed it! I’ve not been back to Kanchanaburi for several years and I have unfinished business here due to my past.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the place. It feels more run-down and also more seedy than I remember it (lots of ‘girly bars’) and I really don’t think most of the tourists here understand the significance of the bridge and the mass of people of many nationalities who died building the ‘death railway’ It’s just another thing to tick off the list and pose for selfies. But, I’m staying in a floating room on the river Kwai, so I can kick back and insulate myself from all the madness.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures from today. Expect many more tomorrow.

Tourists jostle for position to get a shot of a train on the famous bridge.
Bloody typical! I spent a couple of hours sweltering in the sun outside am amazingly decorated Chinese temple to get this shot – then the clouds arrived!

Now It’s time for sleep – and I’m surrounded by the frog chorus. It’s like being back in Bali – or a certain Paul McCartney video…

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