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Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s been a quite one here in Kuala Lumpur, mainly because the weather has been awful! We’ve had thunderstorms most evenings whilst I’ve been here although they’ve cleared pretty quickly but this morning I woke up to heavy rain which stayed with us until the early afternoon. I decided this seemed like a good day to work from home so spent much of the day indoors, taking it easy and editing some of the several hundred pictures I’ve taken over the past few days. The desk in my room’s adjacent to the window so I could watch the world go by as I worked, observing people huddled beneath umbrellas as they went about their business. The streets were actually pretty quiet but that was hardly surprising as many shops and restaurants have closed for the next few days. The Chinese community takes New Year seriously with many businesses closing for several days or even a week.

Eventually, hunger and the need to stretch my legs got the better of me so I mid-afternoon wandered through Chinatown to see what was going on. The answer was – very little! Some businesses were beginning to prepare for the evening and the Malay food stalls on Jalan Cheng Lock were open as usual. I fueled up on curried chicken rice, jackfruit and salad for the princely sum of 8 ringgit (£1.50) before returning home to continue work. You can find the results of my efforts here and here.

This evening I played tourist and visited the ‘River of life’, which is rather good. It’s an art installation on the confluence of the two rivers from which Kuala Lumpur allegedly got its name. The rivers are filled with smoke then illuminated at night. The backdrop is spectacular as it’s formed by the Masjid Jamek and business district.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to exploring. There’s so much to see that the few more days I have here will soon fly by. Hopefully, the weather will play ball – unlike today.

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