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It’s 19:00 here in Greece and we’re packed, room vacated and sitting in the hotel bar having a last drink before the bus come to collect us and take us to the airport for out late flight back to the UK and political chaos.

Neither of us want to leave. We’ve had a lovely time savoring our last day. Having walked up into the village for coffee and chance to watch the world go by we wandered home for a few precious hours around the swimming pool, soaking up the sun. Despite the fact it’s almost the end of the season here the weather’s been absolutely stunning with wall-to-wall sunshine for almost the whole of our trip – bar 48 hours of storms which added a fun dimension. The holiday’s not all been relaxing. A couple of days ago we caught the local bus into Rhodes town and spent the day exploring the old city and Italian quarter. Both of us fell in love with the place and would love to spend a few nights staying in the old town to soak up the atmosphere.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the day.

I love the colours and textures of some of the abandoned buildings in the old town.
If you like cats, Greece is the place for you. Towns are awash with waifs, strays and domesticated examples.
Looking across the old town from the city walls, which are massive. In it’s day, Rhodrs was the most heavily fortified town in the whole of Christendem. Is fortifications still fell to siege tactics however.

It’s now 20:20 local time and we’re on the shuttle coach to the airport. The journey’s fine. Well, it. would be if it wasn’t for some of our fellow Brits who’re constantly whining about how ‘hot’ it is on the coach, so giving the driver endless grief. It’s not hot, but I suspect many of our fellow transportees spend most of their time flitting between one air-conditioned location to another. Me? I’m sat here in a Gilet and fleece, getting used to the idea that the temperature I’ll be encountering in Manchester will make this seem very pleasent indeed!


Oh, the joys of passport control…

To be continued…