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I’ve spent another day marooned here at Bigland Towers, although to be honest – it’s been the right day to be stuck indoors as the weather’s been awful. We had rain throughout most of the day and some very heavy cloudbursts from pitch-black skies. Anyone would have thought the heavens knew Liz Truss was about to deliver her speech at the Tory party conference!

As I was slaving away in the office I thought I’d tune in, just to see how bad it was. I wasn’t disappointed. She was awful. Her first gaffe came in her opening paragraph when she praised Andy Street, the Tory “Mayor of Birmingham” – clearly unaware that Street is actually the Mayor of the West Midlands, not just Birmingham. It didn’t get any better. It was trite, nostalgic and cringeworthy, with constant references to the past – especially hers. She said that “I grew up in Paisley and in Leeds in the 80s and 90s. I have seen the boarded-up shops. I have seen people left with no hope turning to drugs. I have seen families struggling to put food on the table”. Amnesia has clearly kicked in as what she forgot to mention is who was in power between 1979 and 1997 – the years she’s speaking about? Oh, yes – the Tories!

This amnesia ran through her speech like the letters through a stick of rock. At one point she had the audacity to say “I believe in getting value for the taxpayer”. This from a woman who was in Johnson’s government, the same Government that wasted billions on dodgy PPE contracts dished out to its friends, and £37bn on a Covid ‘track and trace’ programme that was an abject failure!

She then took aim at something she dubbed the “anti-growth coalition” – whatever the hell that’s meant to mean – other than anyone who doesn’t agree with her mad economics! Soundbites were the only thing that weren’t in short supply in her speech. We were treated to bucketfuls. What we weren’t told was how she was going to make any of her economic fantasies come true. Needless to say, the markets weren’t impressed. By the time she’d finished speaking she’d managed to knock another point of the value of Sterling! Well, that’ll really help the economy grow!

The sooner her and the whole rotten bunch go the better. I’ll be very interested to see what the next batch of opinion polls come out at as I can’t see anyone but the most rabid Tory thinking this speech was a winner. Meanwhile, ordinary people will still be wondering what the hell’s going to happen to their mortgage payments, wages and the cost of living, because it’s clear Truss has no answers.

Having listened to this tripe I got on with the things I needed to do ready for heading off to Manchester tomorrow for the Community Rail Awards. I should have time for some blogging and pictures (even though I’ll be working) so expect some light relief from the Tory farce. I’m really looking forward to catching up with old friends on what’s always an enjoyable night. We’re staying overnight in Manchester before heading back on Friday, then the tempo changes as its…holiday time!

But, for now, here’s today’s picture. I’m slowly working my way through all the pictures from my recent travels in order to get them on my Zenfolio website. This is one of the most recent additions. Harwich port is hardly the most scenic of places, but the night I sailed there was a gorgeous sunset. So, here’s the Stena Britannica at Harwich a few hours before departure, seen from Harwich Town.

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