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It’s been another busy but relatively peaceful day for me here at Bigland Towers. I’m still wading through mountains of pictures to edit as well as catching up on paperwork so that I can submit some expenses as well as invoices for other work. It’s the far less glamorous side of photographic and journalistic work but it’s one that’s necessary to pay the bills! I’m looking forward to being able to get out and about again, but that won’t be for another day yet. One thing I’ve really noticed since returning from Scotland is just how much the nights are drawing in. I’m typing this around 20:30 at night and the skies are almost dark, but then tomorrow’s the 1st day of September so there’s just three weeks left of summer.

Still, I’ve plenty of projects lined up for the new month – starting with a week long holiday in North Norfolk. Sadly, the weather’s really not looking too good for us at the moment as rain is predicted to be a prominent feature in that neck of the woods. Still, things can change – and there’s plenty to do indoors if we have attacks of showers. Whatever, it’ll be great to kick back for a bit and enjoy the time away, especially as life we be full on when we get back as we’re into the events and awards season. Oh, and more rail strikes. Of course, whilst we’re away we’ve also got the absolutely fabulous news of who is going to be the next incompetent to lead the country. I think we can all guess which particular incompetent that is going to be – God help us…My spleen may need venting, even though I’m meant to be on holiday

So, it’s another short blog from me tonight. I’ll leave you with yet another picture from my recent travels with the hope that I’ll be able to provide you with some new North Norfolk scenes shortly.

Here’s the beach at Saltburn, looking West along the coast towards Redcar beach with the steelworks on the horizon. Out at sea to the right is Teesside Wind Farm, sometimes referred to as Redcar Wind Farm, it’s a 27 turbine installation of 62 MW capacity. 

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