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Today is starting from home but it will end in Surrey this evening. Right now my journey is starting at Sowerby Bridge station as I wait for the 10:22 service towards Leeds via Brighouse on a roundabout route to get to my first port of call. Huddersfield…


A 3-car Class 195s arrived to carry me Westwards to Dewsbury where I’ll double back on myself before hitting Huddersfield. It’s a quiet train today.

My walk to the station wasn’t blessed with the wall to wall sunshine we had yesterday and the temperatures not hitting the same heights, even so, it’s a good day for walking and getting used to how my new Fitbit Charge 5 works. My old Charge 4 model developed a not uncommon fault where blank lines appear across the screen as the LCD fails, making it almost unreadable. In contrast (if you’ll pardon the pun) the Charge 5 has a much brighter and easier to read colour display.

Listed at £170 I bought mine from Amazon for £114, the same price Curry’s are selling them for. My initial reaction is it’s a far superior product but I hope they’ve ironed out the LCD problems. This is my fourth fitness tracker. I’ve found them really useful in improving my health. Well, in some aspects anyway. I’m glad they don’t count units of alcohol! They appeal to us number-crunchers as have a library of helpful and not useful statistics. For example, last week I won my “you’ve now clocked up the equivalent distance of walking from the North to South pole” badge!


I’m now waiting for a late running TPE here at Dewsbury having arrived on this..

The TPE service is running 8 down which puts it behind the local stopper to Huddersfield which I expect it to overtake at Mirfield.


The local arrived first and as I’m in no rush I decided yo catch it! We’re now trundling along under grey skies towards Mirfield.


Sure enough we were held at Heaton Lodge junction West of Mirfield to allow the express to flash past. When this section to Huddersfield is returned to four-tracks as part of the Trans-Pennine route upgrade (TRU) such conflicts will be removed, making timekeeping much easier.


Bugger! Another late-running TPE express is stopping my Huddersfield – Slaithwaite stopper from leaving. We’re already 7 down and the damned thing’s only just left. That means my walk along the canalside to Milnsbridge is going to turn into a dash as I’m up against arriving in time for my appointment…

We’ve just left Huddersfield at the time we should have arrived at Slaithwaite. Oh, joy! To cap it all, despite the weather forecast saying it’ll be dry and even sunny today the weather in the Colne valley clearly didn’t get the memo!


The dash begins…


I’ve impressed myself! I’ve made it with 6 minutes to spare. The sun’s come out too – although I’m glad it was gllomy whilst I was walking as that was some pace. I’m going off grid now – catch you in an hour or so.


That was a long hour I admit! We’re currently taking a break at Watford Gap services on the M1. Dawn’s driving down to Tilford and I’m riding shotgun. The weather was beautiful as we traversed Yorkshire on our way to the motorway but it’s slowly deteriorated en-route on what’s been a busy motorway.


And relax! We’re now ensconced in Tilford, Surrey after a drive that traversed motorways, major A roads like the A34 and even crossed the site of HS2 at Brackley – where work’s really come on in the past few months. I’m hoping we can take a detour on the way home just to check out progress.

Tomorrow Dawn’s on school run duties for her nephew whilst her brother’s away. Her niece is revising for her exams so’s (mostly) housebound apart from lunchtime when the two of them are going to have lunch together in Farnham. Me? I’m having a day out on the rail network although I haven’t decided exactly where I’m going yet. I’ll be doing that research after I’ve signed off here. But, I’ll be blogging throughout the days as I travel…

Until then, goodnight!

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