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Following on from part 1 I’ve completely skipped the logical path of documenting the Class 455/8s – for two reasons. One is that the fleet is split between SWR and Southern and the other is that this is the fleet that’s also the last that’s going to go! Instead, I’m concentrating on the 20 strong Class 455/9 fleet that all work on SWR and are based at Wimbledon Park depot.

The 455/9s were built at York works in 1985. They were identical to the earlier 455/7s apart from the fact they didn’t use recycled class 508 TSO trailers and were built as brand-new 4-car units. That said, set 5912 has a TSO formerly part of the prototype Class 210 DEMU (picture later) and set 5913 (now stored) had a MSO which was rebuilt from another former class 210 vehicle after the original was written off by a cement-mixer which fell off a bridge and crushed it at Oxshott in November 2010.

Just four years old, first in class No 5901 in original BR livery and condition leaves Vauxhall and heads for Clapham Junction on the 26th November 1989.
5902 arrives at Kingston-upon-Thames on the 3rd March 2010.
Approaching Clapham Junction on the 30th December 2021 is 5903, paired with a 455/7 unit.
A picture that illustrates the front end difference between the earlier 455/8’s and later 455/9s. Here’s5855 keeping 5904 company at Waterloo on the 3rd January 2018.
Inside Wimbledon Park depot on the 20th May 2015 where 5905 is receiving fitters attention.
On the same day as the previous picture and a few miles down the road from the depot 5906 and 5871 head for Waterloo wit a service from Guildford.
A sight that will soon be gone forever. A trio of 455s 5907, 5911 and 5912 wait at Waterloo with services to Guildford and (in the case of 5912) Hampton Court on the 30th June 2011.
On a wet 3rd April in 2018 5908 arrives at Guildford on the rear of a working from Waterloo.
5909 passes Wimbledon depot (and 5706 heading in the opposite direction) whilst working a service from Waterloo to Hampton Court on the 20th May 2015.
Forward to the 27th January 2022 and 5910 is pictured at Waterloo after arriving from Woking.
At Guildford London Rd station on the 24th April 2014 5911 arrives with a service to Waterloo via Surbiton.
Sporting the old Stagecoach livery, set 5912 leads a service for Chessington South past Wimbledon on the 12th January 2005.
5913 calls at Clapham Junction on the 28th July 2015. This unit’s one of the early casualties and has already been taken out of service and stored.
Back at Waterloo on the 27th January 2022 where 5914’s seen waiting to depart platform 2 with a service to Hampton Court.
The 8th January 2022 was a day of torrential rain across the South-East and the aftermath can be seen in this view of Epsom, where 5915 leads 5851 whilst working, 2D43 the 1553 London Waterloo to Effingham Junction.
Back at Clapham Junction on the 27th January 2022 as 5916 leads a Waterloo – Woking service.
It’s the 8th September 2009 and set 5917 leads a service out of Waterloo station and across the complicated switches and crossings that make up the station throat.
20th May 2015 was a good day for capturing shots of 455s around Wimbledon. In this view 5918 brings up the rear of a service from Waterloo along with 5733 as it passes the Sutton branch to the left and the severed remains of the M&EE engineers siding.
Clapham Junction on the 27th January 2022 again with 5919 arriving on the rear of a service from Dorking.
It’s the 31st August 2021 and the last built Class 455 calls at Clapham Junction whilst working a service to Guildford.

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