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Today gave us little respite from the wild and windy conditions that have prevailed this weekend, the only different was that whilst yesterday was wall to wall rain, today was much more ‘four seasons in one day. We kept the high winds and torrential rain but this came in cloudbursts along with bouts of hailstones – in between which we actually had blue skies and sunshine!

To say that the skies were turbulent would be an understatement, but they were also fascinating to watch. The pair of us had little planned other than a quiet day at home. My intention was to spend several hours in the kitchen, batch-cooking for the freezer and fridge in order to give myself more time this week to concentrate on other things. Supermarket ‘fast’ foods are not our bag. We eat healthily and well – and like to know what our food contains.

In order to cook some of the recipes I had in mind I needed to venture out to a local Asian supermarket – despite the appalling weather. Plus, I wanted to get my daily exercise. It wasn’t a problem but I needed to kit myself out in full waterproof gear to do it. You’d have been forgiven for thinking I was headed to the top of Ben Nevis, not the shops, but it did mean I stayed warm – and dry. On the way home I stopped to bide a while on the edge of Halifax, looking across the Calder valley and watched nature in all its raw glory as the weather constantly changed. It was magnificent to watch. I can see why the artist Ashley Jackson moved to Yorkshire as the shadows and light in the Pennines are constantly shifting to put up a fantastic meteorological display. So, here’s a few pictures from today to show you exactly what I mean. These were all taken from today’s walk and within an hour.

The view from the Albert Promenade on the edge of Halifax overlooking the Calder valley with the Wainhouse Tower on the horizon.
Looking right across the valley (further to the left from the last view) as yet another storm front passes.
Can you believe this is the same day and view as the first picture, just an hour later?

Looking behind myself from the last picture as the sun breaks through a passing storm.

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