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2022 is shaping up to be a funny old year. I can’t quite put my finger on why other than that it seems to be all over the place at the moment – and no – that’s not just the Government! With revelation after revelation about the party antics in No10 I can imagine that some Senior Tories must be thinking “please – just make it stop!” Somehow I think that’s going to be folorn hope. At least the Covid situation’s improving and the early signs that Omicron would be less of a problem appear to be panning out. Ironically, this could be adding to the Tories rows as they’ll no longer be able to use Covis as a smokescreen for what a shit-show Brexit is – especially now the latest customs restrictions kicked in in January, turning Kent into a vast lorry-park. Worse is yet to come as the next tranche of self-imposed restrictions come into force in the summer. I wonder if Johnson will still be PM then?

Despite the pandemic relaxing its grip the economic picture remains confused. Partly due to concerns about a possible war between Russia and the Ukraine, but also mixed news from other parts of the globe. It’s certainly causing disturbances on the world markets which are up and down like a bride’s nightie and returns aren’t always reflected in the performance of the stock markets . The old curse ‘may you live in interesting times’ couldn’t be more apposite.

Still, I’m doing my best to put such cares aside right now. There’s bugger-all I can do about them but watch from the sidelines. Having spent the past couple of days working from home editing pictures, blogging, scanning and slimming down on long-stored personal possessions I’m having a day away tomorrow. I’ll be returning to London so expect a rolling blog of my travels as I make my way to and around the capital.

Tonight I’ll leave you with another old slide as picture of the day. I’ve been working my way through an album of old travel shots in fits and starts. Having completed a selection from Denmark and England I’m about to embark on a series of shots taken in India in 1995-96 but I’m going to end tonight with one from the UK. This shot of the old post-windmill at Chillenden in Kent was taken on the 16th July 1995 during a cycle trip around Kent. For several years Lynn and I would attend the Kent beer festival in Canterbury with friends from London and stay overnight. We’d bring our bikes on the train so whilst everyone else headed back to London we’d spend the day cycling around the byways of the garden of England. This was one of the sights we discovered.

Lynn sitting on the base of the windmill, just to give a sense of scale. The whole windmill could be turned to catch the wind – hence the wheel on a beam at the back!

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