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Funny old world, isn’t it eh?

I took a break from blogging yesterday due to the fact that you never know what’s going to happen in life and Tuesday was a classic example. I’m now propelled on a course which I hadn’t mapped but could prove to be very different to the one originally charted. All will be revealed soon.

Mind you, life’s full of surprises at the moment, although the fact our Prime Minister can no longer deny the utter shit-show that’s his Premiership is less of one. We all knew he knew about the parties at number 10 during lockdown, it’s just that it’s taken so long for him to finally admit that fact – sort of, ish…

The Prime Mendaciter apart, I’m amazed at the number of people who still fall for this shyster and the rest of his chaotic Cabinet. I try not to do politics too much in these blogs (although that’s probably about to change) as the invective would flow. How this country has been laid low by the forces that sold it Brexit – and then Johnson – which people then voted for is one of those things I’ll never come to terms with. What it has done is make me feel that this is no longer the country I was quietly proud of and was happy to call home. What on earth have we become – apart from an international laughing stock? Nowadays it’s embarrassing to admit to being English.

My sense of detachment from the UK is growing, and 2022 may well see that manifest itself more as the world gradually reopens for business. Covid is looking like its burning itself out and we’re going to be living with a virus that’s endemic rather than being a pandemic. Once that’s true across the majority of countries we can begin to return to some sort of normalcy and I can make up for lost travel time.

Talking of travel, the picture of the day comes from yesterday’s jaunt to Leeds to look at the work Network Rail carried out to extend platforms and increase capacity at the station. Work that was part of the Trans-Pennine route upgrade and that the Dept of Transport dishonestly claimed was part of the universally derided IRP. But then lying is endemic in Government right now…

So, here’s one of the former Scotrail Class 170s which have been cascaded to Northern from Scotrail leaving Leeds in lovely light as it works a service to York via Harrogate.

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