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Unsurprisingly I took a day off from blogging yesterday, it being Xmas day and all that. After all, the time was dedicated to families, not type-swiping. There was no chance of of a white Christmas here in Surrey as the we had a downpour that lasted all day – unlike back in West Yorkshire where the mercury was low enough to allow a dusting of the white-stuff across most of the county. Clearly, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Even so, it was a very enjoyable day. The Platt family (plus me) came together for a very traditional Christmas that involved some superb food which was prepared by Dawn and her brother Darren, aided and abetted by myself and the Matriarch of the family – Norah.

Today’s been a much more relaxed and disparate day following a lazy morning at the Lodges where we’re staying. Dawn took herself off for a walk, her folks watched ‘Calendar Girls’ on TV, whilst I had some solitary time to catch up on picture editing in order to clear the 2021 decks ready for New Year.

Later in the day we met up with some of the Tilford neighbours who’d completed their traditional Boxing Day walk to call at the nearby ‘Duke of Cambridge’ pub before heading back into Tilford. I joined them for a couple of drinks and the final leg of the walk where we ended up outside the Barley Mow pub. Both establishments have the advantage of large beer-gardens where we could get together in safety.

Now the Platt family have come together for drinks and an evening meal. I’m seemingly exempt from cooking duties tonight so I’m sitting sipping a 15yr old MacAllan whisky whilst typing this and enjoying the wonderful smells drifting over from the kitchen. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to working off some of this Christmas cheer and upping the exercise level.

In the meantime, here’s the picture of the day which is from another old batch of scanned slides but one that has a tenuous link to our recent weather. In January 1995 I was in Kuta, Bali waiting to fly home the next day. We had torrential rain there too – but the Balinese have a very different way of coping with downpours and flooding. I’m not sure UK traffic cops would be too happy to see this tho’!

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