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I took a day off from blogging yesterday as it was one of those days. Not in a bad way, but one in which plans rapidly had to change due to new work opportunities and commissions coming in that meant I had to rejig my calendar for the weekend and week ahead. Not that I minded. I’d rather be active than idle and the opportunities are too good to miss. Mind you, it was a good day to be stuck at home poring over a computer screen as the weather’s been cold and miserable here in the Pennines. It’s been the same today with gusting winds and rain beating against the windows. The valley below’s spent most of the day hidden in the murk. What a contrast to Thursday when I was out and about in Cumbria which was bathed in glorious sunshine!

As time’s pressing I’ve spent much of today writing up a future article for RAIL magazine which I want to get completed before Monday as I’ve a series of other pieces in the pipeline and deadlines have a nasty habit of sneaking up on you, especially when you’re writing for a fortnightly news magazine! And there’s no shortage of news in the rail industry at the moment – good or bad. So, a quiet night in beckons as tomorrow evening I’m off again and I won’t be home until Thursday at the earliest. No doubt there’ll be plenty to blog about as I’ll be back in Glasgow on Monday for more rail events connected with COP26. It’s a huge event for the rail industry which is displaying its green credentials in many different ways – not least as the least carbon-intensive way of people getting to the events. Watch out for more blogs on Hydrogen and Battery trains and plenty on the freight sector too as many of the railfreight companies will be at a three day event at Mossend Yard near Motherwell.

OK, it’s now time for me to switch off and step back from the computer for a while to enjoy Saturday night. There’s lots of fireworks going off around me but tonight feels like a night for relaxing rather than taking in a display. Besides, or bedroom window look out over the valley so we can see plenty from the comfort of home!

I’ll leave you with the picture of the day. I have to admit I love Scotland (the country and the people) so I’m really looking forward to the next few days North of the border. Here’s a shot I took on Fuji Velvia slide film over 20 years ago, on the 26th March 2001 when I was taking pictures for a forthcoming Lonely Planet guide to the country. This is the view from the extinct volcano in the centre of Edinburgh known as Arthur’s Seat. How many cities can boast of having such a wild place with fantastic views across it?

Almost directly above the man’s head you can see Edinburgh Castle, which gives you an idea of the size and scale of the former volcano. Over to the right is Leith and the Firth of Forth and beyond that Fifeshire and on to the snow-capped Ochil Hills. Sadly, I won’t have time to do this again this trip…

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