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After two days on the road I’ve hardly moved more than a quarter of a mile today as I’ve been busy trying to edit the pictures from my travels as well as sort out all the mundane stuff life throws at you. Despite that, the day’s flown. One thing I have enjoyed has been spending some time in the kitchen, cooking up a Thai Green curry. Admittedly, I ate Asian food in Carlisle but it’s a cuisine I never tire of so the chance to cook my own is never missed.

I’ve another day at home tomorrow before heading back to my old home town (Southport) for a sad event. I blogged about the death of an old friend (Mike Smith) back this time last year. On Sunday, a few of us are going to get together to scatter his ashes in a local park. He was always a short, skinny bugger so I can’t imagine there’s going to be much to scatter, but there you go. No doubt I’ll do a rolling blog of the day and my thoughts. What will be strange for me is that one of the people who’ll be there is an old school friend whom I’ve not seen since the late 1980s after he and I had a ‘parting of the ways’ in India back in 1986. Another long story….

Still, funny old world isn’t eh?

Today’s picture of the day has nothing to do with any of this, it’s from my trip to the Cumbrian coast with another old friend from a slightly different vintage. I mentioned Parton on the Cumbrian coast. Here’s on of the pictures I was after, even if the light wasn’t as good as I’d liked. The railway hugs the coast here. So much so it’s in constant danger of slipping into the sea and has done so on several occasions. It’s the classic conundrum that faces the railways in the age of global warming. The Victorian engineers though this was a good (cheap) way of driving a railway though this part of the world. Those decisions are coming back to haunt us now…

Still, spot the train in this image of the beach at Parton.

Hopefully I’ll have the rest of the several hundred pictures I took added to my Zenfolio website in the next few days. If not – I’m sure there’s other stuff I’ll be able to find to bore you with!

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