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Here we are in July – already! Where has the time gone? The year literally seems to be flying by – despite all the restrictions we’ve been subjected to although they should come to an end this month (fingers crossed). Thankfully, my world has started to open up again through the spring, although I haven’t the faintest idea when I might be able to return to Asia once more. Even mainland Eurpose is looking questionable right now. Even so, I’ve plenty to keep me occupied just in the UK. The past couple of days I’ve been busy at home getting pictures off to clients, researching articles and managing to get a few more old slides scanned in order to reduce the pile of old pictures further. Plus, we’ve had some glorious weather which has meant I’ve abandoned the office to catch some sun whilst maintaining the garden.

One sad note yesterday was hearing the news that ‘Gap’ are to close all 81 of their UK stores to become an online retailer. I don’t buy as much from them as I used to, but I have a wardrobe containing several pairs of Gap chinos. I’ve always liked their clothes since I was first introduced to them by Lynn back in the early 1990s, shortly after we first got together. Having spent a year travelling and getting used to being back in London I was more a Doc Martens, combat pants and check-shirted sort of guy. Lynn was adament that if I was going to be seen with her at some of the charity events she was involved in I’d need to smarten up my act, so off to Gap we went. Next thing I knew I was being presented with clothes of her choice with the words ‘you’ll look really good in these Darling’. Who was I to argue? She was right of course! Whilst Im quite happy to purchase lots of things online, clothes isn’t one of them. I much prefer being able to feel the fabrics, look at the quality of the stitching and suchlike and actually try the things on, rather then take a punt on what I see on a website, so I doubt I’ll be buying much from Gap in the future. Maybe I’ll visit their Manchester store one last time, purely for old times sake. I reallt feel sorry for the staff who’re going to be made redundent in this latest abandonment of the high-street. I also wonder what (if anything) is going to fill the void…

Anyway, on to the picture of the day, which comes from the latest batch of old slide scans. I’m currently working my way through pictures from a trip Lynn and I took to Asia when she was working for the international charity Actionaid. Looking back they were some of the happiest days of her life as she loved working for them and regretted leaving them to move on to ‘bigger and better’ things. We had a fantastic time going places as I’d often volunteer as their photographer and the pair of us would tag on a holiday to one of her business trips. Back in September 2003 we were in Singapore along with some of Lynn’s colleagues from the London office. We forget now, but there was a pandemic that was causing havoc then (in Asia anyway). It was called SARS, another coronavirus. Signs like this one in a restaurant were commonplace.

Plus ça Change…

You can find many more pictures from Singapore (taken over the years) in this gallery on my Zenfolio website.

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