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Just when I think those ‘environmentalists’ protesting against the High Speed 2 railway couldn’t get any more hypocritical or be more out of touch with reality, they say ‘hold my beer’ and come out with another absolute stunner. In the latest case it’s this weapons-grade hypocrisy from HS2Rebellion, whose ‘truth trail’ march to Wigan isn’t exactly setting the media channels alight. Hardly surprising as a couple of dozen people traipsing from Lichfield to Wigan is hardly ‘news’.

This is more Monty Python and the Holy Grail than Lord of the Rings!

So, HS2Rebellion have been desperately trying to find other stuff to fill their social media with and hit upon this, a screenshot of the new but failing right-wing ‘news’ channel GBNews (or ‘gammon news’ as it’s become known as), featuring – the Taxpayers Alliance!

Yes, HS2Rebellion are now endorsing and advertising the TPA and their low tax agenda! The secretive TPA, that refuses to admit who funds it, is one of a cabal of organisations operating out of 55 Tufton St in London. It includes the equally right wing and secretive Institute of Economic Affairs and also Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), founded by former chancellor Nigel Lawson – one of a network of organisations spreading misinformation about and denying the existance of Global Warming.

Seriously, you couldn’t get stranger bedfellows than HS2Rebellion and the TPA. I can only assume the middle-class kids behind HS2rebellion haven’t got a clue who the TPA are!

They might want to do a little research and reading, like this;

Hundreds of climate sceptics to mount international campaign to stop net-zero targets being made law | The Independent | The Independent

Or this…

Taxpayers’ Alliance received over £223k in foreign donations | Tax and spending | The Guardian

Or this…

The tangled web of Tory leadership candidates and climate science denial | openDemocracy

That groups like HS2Rebellion are pushing the same right-wing agenda that says we need to cut public spending is utterly bizarre. Do they honestly think tackling Climate Change can be done on the cheap? That’s a rhetorical question as I don’t see much thinking being done by them on anything serious. The sooner these faux ‘green’ groups collapse the better as they do nothing but trash (in more ways than one) the reputation of the real environmental movement. Thankfully, they’ve been utterly useless when it comes to stopping HS2 and will remain that way. I just wish some of the gullible but well-meaning people who keep funding them would realise just what they really are throwing their money away on – a dubious bunch of anarchists and hard-left political dogmatists with an agenda that has nothing to do with the environment.

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