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The week’s got off to a mundane start with no excitements or surprises, but after the ‘fun’ of last week that’s really no bad thing. The weather’s been mixed, with temperatures remaining stick in single figures so spring still seems some way off but the lighter nights are certainly welcomes, as was a few hours of sunshine which really brightened the place up. The forecast for the rest of the week isn’t looking much better so I’m assuming I’ll be spending most of my time office-bound, which is no bad thing. At least I’ve plenty of exotic pictures to look at.

One bright spot in the day was taking our moggie (Jet) for a check-up at the vets and hearing that he’s in no immediate danger. OK, he’s nineteen and a half, and he has long-term kidney problems, but considering we thought we were going to lose the old boy last week this is actually a result! Hopefully he’ll be here to get under our feet (and set traps for me at the top of the stairs) for some time yet…

My latest batch of slide scans has provided me today’s picture of the day, which features what’s probably the planet’s most famous hole in the ground. I took this shot at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA on the 3rd November 1990. Four of us were touring the West Coast together and we stopped on night at the Canyon so that we could see what it looked like at sunrise. We weren’t disappointed.

Once I’ve got all the pictures scanned I’ll set up a USA travel gallery on my Zenfolio website as I realise I only have one for rail pictures – which is an odd omission as I have travel shots from 3 previous visits to the States. Ho hum!

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