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It’s ‘groundhog day’ weekend again but the added bonus is the weather’s getting warmer and the days longer. It doesn’t stop the world being any weirder but at least it’s not as chilly! If nothing else, I’m looking forward to being able to sit out in the garden and soak up some sunshine whilst I contemplate the madness. If nothing else I’ll at least have a base-tan for when I’m allowed access to sunnier climes.

 Like everybody else I’m looking forward to the end of lockdown and the chance to resume normal life, although I’m not sure what the ‘new normal’ will look like. Whilst everyone has been focused on Covid and lockdown rather than the Brexitshambles we still have the the political and economic  consequences of that to look forward to once Covid’s under control and people remember there’s other things happening in the UK other than a pandemic.

Personally, I’m taking a backseat. I always knew that Brexit was going to be a shambles that would drag on for decades, but what’s masked that has been Covid, but not for much longer…

We’re in for a very ‘interesting’ year of the old Chinese curse variety although I suspect most people have still fallen for the Tory slogan that Johnson got Brexit ‘done’. Oh, if only it was that simple. Welcome to years of negotiations folks.

Not that I want to be seen as a complete curmudgeon. The Covid vaccination progamme seems to be going really well, although the cynic in me knows that’s because the Government didn’t bung billions to Ministers friends this time and let the NHS do the job instead. Try as I might, I still struggle when I realise that we’re now living in a banana republic and a cause for celebration is someone doing something right for once.

Anyway. Enough of this. As the old saying goes, people will have plenty of leisure time in which to repent. Right now I’m going back in time to post the picture of the day, which comes from a very different era and time in my life.

Today’s picture was taken at the Anjuna flea market in December 1993.

The women you see are local tribes-people from Maharasthra, the state North of Goa. India’s a fascinating place for so many reasons but the mixture of people’s is one of the most intriguing. The history of different invasions and ethnic origins makes the place so colourful – as these women demonstrate.

Scanning all these old photographs during lockdown is so frustrating as it’s showing me all the places that Covid has deprived me of visiting. I’m going to have a lot of lost time to make up. Not just for places that I’ve been before – but also the places I’ve never yet made it to. As soon as the planet starts to re-open, I have a cunning plan..

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