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Another early in the day picture from me. Well, if you count nearly 9 o’clock in the evening ‘early’! This weekend the pair of us have been playing catch-up on chores and also trying to get some more exercise as we’ve actually had two dry days in a row which is a minor miracle for this neck of the woods at the moment. I’m not sure what the rain statistics are for January but they must be substantial, and there’s more on the way next week, so the pair of us getting out for a long (dry) walk through our local woods and along the canal together today was lovely – although with it being a Sunday and sod-all for people to do, the towpath resembled Piccadilly Circus! Most people were good and respected social-distancing but there’s always a few muppets who try and walk three-abreast and think others should just squeeze past them. What IS it with some people?

Normally, Dawn and I spend January abroad but this is the second in a row where we’ve been stuck in the ‘septic isle’ and it really makes the year drag as we’re not used to the short days and freezing weather. OK, it’s been a novelty and I’m keen to keep it that way. I’m praying life returns to normal this year so that we’ll be able to book time away in 2022 with confidence.

As a tribute to the winter weather I’d much rather be experiencing, here’s the picture of the day which is one of a batch of slides I scanned earlier this afternoon. It was taken on the 25th February 1999 and shows Lake Wakatipu (near Queenstown) on the South Island of New Zealand.

Now that’s my sort of winter weather! You can find the rest of the pictures from the trip in this gallery. Next week I’ll have the last New Zealand pictures scanned and I’ll be moving on the Fiji, so expect some spectacular sunsets…

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