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This blog’s going to be short and sweet as I’m writing it late in the day. Not that it’s been a bad Sunday – far from it. The pair of us have had a relaxing start to the day but still managed to get out for an extended walk around the local woodlands and along the canal. It was lovely to get out but also see the rare sight of a Kingfisher catching its dinner on the cut. Other folk had spotted the bird stock-still on the other side of the canal and were gracious enough to point it out. Just as they did the animal dived into the canal to successfully grab its prey before flying off. A chap who saw the sight admitted it was the first time in his 50 years of walking the cut he’d actually seen a Kingfisher, so we felt rather privileged!

The walk was lovely but arriving in Sowerby Bridge was rather odd as the place was so deserted because nothing was open. There’s little chance of us coming out of Tier 3 in our bit of West Yorkshire so I think most businesses have given up until 2021 – which must be awful for them as they’re missing the most profitable part of the year. The secret pessimist in me wonders how much better things will be next year when the true costs of Brexit spread throughout the supply chain, but I’m saving my spleen on that shambles for now.

Back at home we’ve had a relaxed night as Dawn’s cooked one of our favorite dishes (spicy prawns) which has allowed me to spend time sorting out the picture of the day which is from my latest batch of travel slides. I took this on the 7th January 1999 on the Great Ocean Rd in Australia. This is ‘London Bridge’ – although – like the old nursery rhyme, it had fallen down! Back in 1990 the arch linking it to the mainland collapsed. Even so, it was still a fascinating natural structure.

If you’re interested in looking through more photos from Australia (or the rest of our epic trip), you can find them in this gallery on my Zenfolio picture website. I’ll be adding many more shots of other exotic locations (including New Zealand, Fiji and the Cook Islands) over the next few weeks.

MeanwhileI’ve a favour to ask…
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