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Apologies for the break in the daily picture. It wasn’t because I didn’t have any – exactly the opposite. I’ve had a very busy couple of days scanning old slides. So much so that I’ve finally finished the last album of old UK railway images which has left me elated as its taken donkey’s years! At least it’s a positive legacy from 2020 and Covid, as without lockdown 1 and 2 I’d never have found the time and I’d still be ploughing my way through them. Of course, it’s not quite the end of the story. I still have a couple of albums of foreign railway pictures which total several hundred pictures. Then there’s the thousands of old travel pictures – but I’ve already made a start on those today. The good thing about the travel shots is they’re simpler to caption and there’s an awful lot of duplicates in the later albums, so scanning them won’t take anywhere near as long (says he, optimistically).

I’ve added all the rail shots to various galleries on my Zenfolio website which you can find by following this link. The current batch of travel shots all be added to a single gallery as they’re from the ’round the world’ trip that Lynn and I embarked on between 1997-99. You can find that one here. I’ve set it up so that the most recent additions will appear at the front of the gallery and the oldest last – although I’ll change that when it’s complete.

With lockdown part 2 here and work sparse and sporadic, I should have time to get through quite a few old slides before the country starts reopening next month. In the meantime, here’s today’s picture. I took this in May 1998 at the indoor market in Kota Baru on the East Coast of Malaysia. I find Asian markets fascinating places because they’re so vibrant and colourful – stocked with an amazing array of produce and people. Kota market had the advantage of a circular balcony which made a great vantage point for photography – as you can see. It allowed me to get this candid shot as the two women were unaware of my being there.

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