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My apologies for not having the time to blog about anything in depth much recently, but there’s just too many things for me to do – despite the Covid paralysis. I’ll get back to commentary soon (I’ve a large blog on HS2 half-written) but right now I’ve paid writing and a load of  judging to do.

What I will do to keep you entertained is make the picture of the day a daily feature. It may be of railways, it may be from some far-flung part of the world that I’ve been to – or it might be about some social issues or even just a pretty picture that I’ve taken. Whatever it is – it will have a story and be personal to me. So. here’s today’s.

T3300. Sadhu in the square. Bhatakpur. Kathmandu valley.Nepal.1992crop

The expression ‘don’t try this at home’ springs to mind. This picture was taken in Bhatakpur in Nepal back in 1992 when I was spending a year travelling. A old Sadhu (Holy Man) was displaying his prowess in Yoga to earn a few rupees. What was impressive was the fact he kept this posture up for way over an hour!



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