*warning, blog under construction*

Our most varied day of the week began with the weather promising a fantastic day ahead. We had wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures that made you feel like summer really was on the way. Our day began around 07:30. Both of us were tempted to lie-in, but there was too much to do – despite me having picked up some of Dee’s parents shopping yesterday.

After a leisurely breakfast and time for me to start uploading the batch of old slides I’d been bust scanning we headed out in the car. Our first stop was planned to be our local supermarket to get the fresh veg I couldn’t get for John and Norah yesterday, but the queue stretched right around the car park so we gave it a miss and headed over to Huddersfield instead. On the way Dawn and I discussed the positives and negatives of where the world is now and what we’ll miss when life returns to normal. The one thing we both agreed that we’d miss was the empty roads and absence of traffic noise and pollution.

Huddersfield wasn’t too bad. The roads were still quiet although there were certainly more cars around than at the start of lockdown, but who knows what they’re doing or where they’re going. Our first stop was Sainsbury’s, where the queue was the longest we’d seen it. Then Dawn twigged what I hadn’t. Tomorrow’s a bank holiday so people are stocking up! To be honest, queuing in a car-park in the sunshine isn’t much of a hardship and it didn’t take that long to get in to begin our shopping. The place wasn’t exactly packed once we were through the doors when we split up. Dawn did her parents shopping and I did ours. Well, most of it. For some unfathomed reason I managed to miss several items off the list, which didn’t go down well with ‘Senior Management’..

Afterwards we called in to the Community Rail Network offices in the old water-tower at Huddersfield station. Whilst Dawn sorted out some work there I went for a wander with the camera. The weather was ideal for getting some rail pictures but with so few services running and big gaps in the timetable I also went for a wander through the town. With so many shops closed it was hardly surprising that it was quiet. That and the fact a lot of outlets had closed already before Covid had arrived. Huddersfield town centre isn’t what it was even when I first came up here 10 years ago. But what did catch my eye was the number of queues outside banks. They were the only places you saw groups of people. But why? I couldn’t work it out. The only time I physically visit a bank branch nowadays is on one of those rare occasions when some Luddite organisation still insists on paying me by cheque. So why were these people there? I’ve no idea, but I was curious. What am I missing?

Shopping and office work done we drove over to Dawn’s folks to drop off the shopping and have a chat. Considering the pair of them have had their social wings severely clipped they’re both doing remarkably well, but then they come from a generation that has a different perspective on the definition of ‘hardship’.

We drove straight home afterwards and unloaded our haul of shopping before ‘taking 5’ to enjoy the lovely weather.