Today was a day that wasn’t my most varied as it saw me very much desk-bound and cerebral, not that I’m complaining about that as sifting through my archive pictures and researching old articles, books and the internet before writing a 3000 word article for a magazine is an interesting challenge in its own right. It’s simply something that leaves you less mobile! Next month is the 10th anniversary of the full re-opening of the East London line which is now part of the London Overground. It’s a route I’ve known for many years as I used to live in the East End of London back in 1986-96. The piece I’ve written will be published in a copy of RAIL magazine soon. I do enjoy writing. Hopefully people enjoy my scribblings – especially when I’m paid it. Well, they must do as magazines keep asking me back!

Monday wasn’t a bad day to be desk bound either as the fantastic spell of good weather we’ve had here since lockdown is finally on the turn. The sky was full of funny fluffy white things that we’ve really not seen much of recently. Oh yes – clouds – I remember them now!

Having fulfilled my latest RAIL commission I’m looking forward to getting back to scanning more old rail slides which is something I’ve neglected recently due to a shortage of time and the fact my main computer’s up the spout at right now. Sorting out both of these should keep me busy this week, along with being on call to help Dawn with some DIY. Dee’s on holiday this week and she’s determined to tackle some decorating jobs around the house as a combination of exercise, aesthetics and lockdown therapy! We might not be going anywhere but it doesn’t mean we’ve turned into couch potatoes! Far from it in fact as when we’re not busy with work we’re occupied with DIY, gardening, decluttering or cooking. We both spend enogh of our days staring at screens as part of our jobs without wanting to have evening after evening doing the same.