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Sod it, for once we both decided to throw caution (and plans) to the wind and have a lie-in! We felt like proper lockdown slobs as we stayed in bed drinking coffee until 09.30 when we got up and prepared a leisurely breakfast before finally getting our arses into gear to start the day proper which meant sorting out various household chores before strolling down into Sowerby Bridge to pick up some food shopping. Being good little lockdown observers we combined our daily exercise with a trip to buy some essentials.

Not having been into Sowerby Bridge much recently we were surprised by the the increase in traffic. There seemed to be far more cars on the road. Mostly with single occupants but not exclusively. I’ve no idea what can account for the increase or what folk were doing or where they were going, but it was rather concerning. Is lockdown starting to break down? – and if it does, what are the long-term implications of people’s impatience? The UK’s death toll is already bad. How much worse could this get if the numbers start rising again? 

Despite the folks mucking around in cars our local supermarket was still blissfully quiet and almost everybody was respecting the rules, making our shop speedy and stress free whilst the climb back up the hill to home with a ruscac full of shopping was good weight-bearing exercise even if it did get a bit sweaty as the weather was still sunny and warm.

Feeling virtuous after our exertions the two of us retired to the front garden for a cold drink in the evening sunshine, soaking up what may well be the last of the good weather for a while as the forecast’s suggesting change is on the way. I can’t complain. We’ve had a fantastic run of good weather that’s made the lockdown easier to bear. 

Later, the fresh veg we’d replenished our stocks with went very well with some of the tinned stuff we’d been hoarding since the early ‘no deal Brexit’ fears (Sadly, we may well need to replenish them with the way this Government’s behaving) I made the two of us a rather nice chickpea, tuna and Feta cheese salad using some tuna steaks out of the freezer rather than the tinned stuff the recipe recommends, plus some Vegan Feta as Dawn’s allergic to cheese. Adding red onions, lemon juice, parsley and seasoning to the mix and serving it with salad leaves made a simple but gorgeous meal. I love recipes like this, tasty but unfussy and a doddle to make.