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I’m not sure how far I’ll get with a rolling blog today but nothing ventured nothing gained. The stormy conditions we experienced yesterday abated overnight. When we pulled back the curtains this morning it was to a view of clearing skies and sunshine breaking out across the island. From the elevated height of our airBnB we can look out across the Menai Strait across to the mainland and Snowdonia. As usual, the mountains maintain thir own microclimate and remain shrouded in dark cloud, leaving them looking forbidding, rather like something out of Tolkien but even there the wather seems to be changing – which is just as well as we’re going to be heading out that way in an hour or two. Let’s see what happens…

Here’s a long-lens shot taken from where we’re staying. In the foreground are the roofs of Beaumaris whilst across the Menai Straits you can see Penrhyn Castle poking out of the woodland.


We’ve had a lazy morning enjoying an unhurried breakfast whilst admiring the views from our accommodation and watching the weather change yet again. The early promise of sunshine has disappeared. Now the winds have returned along with the clouds, but we’re not going to let it get in our way or spoil the day, the sunshine was a bonus anyway as the forecast was always ‘iffy’. We’re about to venture out and enjoy exploring for a few hours before the party this evening…


Back on the mainland we’ve popped in to ‘Zip world’ just outside Bethesda. Here in the old Penrhyn quarry is the UK’s longest zipwire and I have to say it looks both impressive – and fun. The pair of us want to have a go, but in much better weather than today.

Here’s the shorter zipwire with four people having the experience

We’d ventured back onto the mainland to head to Betwys-y-Coed and the many outdoor shops the village contains as competition’s cut-throat and there’s normally a bargain to be had. True enough, I managed to get a new pair of Brasher walking boots with over £40 knocked off the price. We’ve not been back to the place for several years, so we were both surprised to see that several of the outdoor shops had closed down. The place seemed tattier and far less busy than on our last visits, but then I suppose it is only February.

The journey there was gorgeous as the old A5 trunk road passes through the rugged and scenic Ogwyn valley, a place I’ve fond memories of going back to the late 1970s. In those days a farmer would let you stay inn his barn for 50p a night. It was minimal facilities but maximum privacy and the ideal place to take adventurous girlfriends – although the walk to the many pubs in Bethesda was a killer – especially because by the time you’d walked back you’d pretty much sobered up!

Here’s how the head of the valley looked today.

Right now we’re back in our refuge on Ynys Mon, preparing for the day’s second chapter – our friends birthday party.


It’s now the morning after the night before and a fab time was had by all.

Today we’re exploring Anglesey, so I’ll add a blog and pictures later.