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Richard Clinnick has published news in the latest RAIL magazine that the first of the BR era Class 60 diesel locomotives have been sold for scrap. Built between 1989-1992, the 100 Class 60s were never the most successful design but they were significant as they were the end of an era – the last diesel locomotives ever ordered by British Railways before the railways were privatised.

Three of the 59 examples of the class that are stored at the DB Cargo depot in Toton are on their way to scrapyards. Raxstar have purchased 60050 (formerly named ‘Roseberry Topping’) whilst 60006 ‘Scunthorpe Ironmaster’ and 60086 ‘Schiehallion’ are off to Ron Hull’s scrapyard at Rotherham. All three locos have been out of service since the 2000s, with 60006 out of service the longest as it was withdrawn in November 2004. The two other locomotives that were on the tender list, 60060 and 60081 have apparently been bought privately.

Here’s a look back at the three locomotives that have gone for scrap.

On the 28th October 2002 60006 ‘Scunthorpe Ironmaster’ in its special ‘Corus’ livery heads West along the North London line and crosses over the East Coast Main Line just outside Kings Cross. It lasted another 2 years before being withdrawn by EWS, although this was the only time I managed to capture it on film!
My picture of 60050 ‘Roseberry Topping’ on display at Doncaster works open day on July 9th 1994 has been used to illustrate the RAIL article. 60060 was withdrawn 12 years later in June 2006. Although purchased for scrap by Raxstar, they have been asking for expressions of interest in it.

60086 ‘Schiehallion’ sits in the stabling sidings at Didcot on the 21st August 1995. It was one of the locomotives allocated to Mainline freight, one of the three companies the BR freight sector was broken up into ready for privatisation. It, Loadhaul and Transrail were all bought by EWS and amalgamated. 60086 was withdrawn by EWS as long ago as October 2005.