Remember when the Conservatives were considered a safe pair of hands on the economy and thought of as the ‘party of business’? Those day are long gone. Now they’ve become an economic death cult where you have Boris Johnson saying “fuck business” whilst the other candidate in the race for the Tory leadership and job as Prime Minister has said he’d tell people to their face that them losing their jobs and livelihoods is a price worth paying for Brexit! You couldn’t make this stuff up, but this really is is the madness that’s taken hold of politics in the UK since the Brexit referendum. Here’s today’s Hunt story in the Guardian (link).


Bizarrely, few Brexit supporters seem to have the brain cells to rub together to notice how the narrative has changed since the days before the referendum, when we were told that “we hold all the cards”. Remember these charlatans?

brexit lies

Nobody put “Vote Leave, if you lose your job and your home it’ll be worth it” on the side of a bloody bus, did they?

This country has gone stark, staring mad. How on earth a developed, supposedly educated and long standing democracy can get itself in this unholy mess is beyond belief – yet here we are. It’s actually happening. The Tory’s are hooked on a belief in Unicorns and are going to elect one of these two to be the next Prime Minister. my only hope is that the tory party implodes before either of these clowns can do too much damage to the country. But our problems won’t end there. There’s no credible opposition party waiting in the wings to step in and save us from this mess. Instead we have ‘Magic Grandad’ Jeremy Corbyn and his ideological bedfellows on the far left who’re also pro Brexit. It’s like being given the ‘choice’ between a slow lingering death or a lingering slow death!

Meanwhile, many of our fellow citizens are more concerned about who’s winning ‘Love Island’. Truly, we are screwed…