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After all my travels (and the travels to come) a day at home has been welcome, even if the weather hasn’t been as it’s pissed it down this afternoon. Most of the day’s been spent picture editing, sorting out the stuff I’ve been taking over the week for clients or for my library. I’ve added several hundred sots to my Zenfolio website this week, if you want to have a gander, follow this link as it will show you which galleries have been updated recently.

At least I woke up to some good news, which was the fact the Brexit party was defeated in the Peterborough by-election last night. Yes, I know they’re going to be crowing about their ‘success’ having come from nowhere to second place, but let’s look at a few home truths. For a start, there’s not many places more ‘brexity’ than Peterborough where 61% voted leave. So, if they can’t win here, where can they win? Farage turned up expecting to crow about gaining their first MP, only to end up dodging the press by skulking in the toilets at the count before leaving by the back door. This was reported by a local journalist via Twitter.


As usual, Farage – who knows everything about losing elections, having failed to be elected as an MP 7 times spun things rather differently!

Sadly, this was the only days bright spot as the weather here has been bloody awful. Just as I’d finished picture editing and was looking forward to getting out for a walk, the heavens opened. Unlike Woolworth’s, they stayed open, leaving the rest of the evening decidedly soggy. Dawn and I did meet up for a ‘swifty’ in our local pub earlier but that was the extent of our socialising for the evening as we’re both up to different things this week. Tomorrow Dawn (and her parents) drive down to Farnham in Surrey to stay with her brother for the week. I’m staying behind as I have a busy few days. A job I had arranged is off due to the weather and train timings that mean I’d need a Tardis to get there. Instead, I’m off to Liverpool with the latest ‘Big 6 pub on tour’ trip – this time to Liverpool. I won’t detail my week after that as I’ll keep you in suspense, but it will be fun, with lots to blog about!

Expect some words (coherent if I’m lucky) and pictures from Liverpool tomorrow.