I’ve been looking at the European election results this morning and the various claims and counter-claims about what they mean.

Here’s what they mean. We as a country are screwed.

The turnout was appalling at 37% (even though this was a 1.4% increase on the last time). The majority of people either couldn’t be arsed to vote or decided not to.

Over 5 million people voted for Farage’s looney tunes, for a party with no policies and serious questions over how it was funded and by whom. I mean, seriously?

Labour have had their arses kicked (yet again) but ‘Magic Grandad’ and his coterie still haven’t got the message. They’re still trying to face both ways and maintain the fiction of their “jobs first” Brexit. Seamus Milne has Corbyn superglued to the top of that fence he’s sitting on. But look at the results in Corbyn’s own constituency.


The Tories have also had their arses kicked but they’ll go on to elect a new leader who will pursue a no deal Brexit.

The Lib-Dems and Greens have done well, but what will it change? Nothing.

The only thing to take solace from is that racist little shit Yaxley Lennon (aka ‘Tommy Robinson’) was humiliated and lost his £5,000 deposit and the odious leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, lost his seat as an MEP.

But that’s it.

We are no nearer to coming out of this nightmare. The Brexitshambles rolls on and it’s clear a lot of people still believe in Unicorns, despite the evidence of the past 3 years. I can’t imagine many people in the business sector are feeling happy about this either, so I expect to see the continuing uncertainty leave to more companies leaving the UK, along with EU nationals who’ve just had enough of a country that’s becoming more racist and inward looking. The Tories will continue to cling to the fiction that they can turn a lie into reality and that they can deliver on the false promises that were made during the Brexit referendum. Neither they nor Labour will tell the truth and be honest with the country about what Brexit means, nor will they address the criminality that took place during the referendum campaign. The lies and the pretence roll on, as does the next sorry stage in the saga – a Tory Leadership election in la la land…