Well, what a day it’s been! We’ve had the sight of Nigel Farage’s ‘MarchtoBrexit’ stumble into day three with a dwindling cast that doesn’t include any of the High Command. Farage himself’s nowhere to be seen and neither is any of the Brexity MPs who turned up for the photo opportunity on the first day, then promptly buggered off back to London. Instead, a few sad souls continue their ‘trek’ – although it’s clear that much of the trip is a sham and they travel between locations by coach! They’ve been mercilessly trolled on social media, so much so that many of them don’t even bother using the #MarchtoLeave hashtag on Twitter as it’s all to embarrassing. They’re followed by ‘Led by Donkeys’, a crowdfunded group which is doing some excellent working exposing the hypocrisy of Leave leaders through the devastating use of posters and social media. Here’s a couple of gems from today.

donkeys 1

Yes, that’s right, the 200 ‘strong’ march has petered out by day three to be just 60 people. When you consider how many of these will be stewards and organisers, you have to ask, how many ordinary people (who paid £50 for the privilege) are actually there? Here’s another gem as marchers use one of the Donkey’s mobile poster vans as a place to rest their weary bones!

donkeys 2

The march is a perfect metaphor for Brexit, but the day got even more interesting later when the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, ruled that Teresa May couldn’t have another bite of the Brexit cherry and re-introduce her motion for the third time. Bizarrely, this seemed to take the Government by surprise, despite the fact many Parliamentarians and constitutional experts knew that this was a real possibility thanks to the provisions contained in Erskine May, the bible of Parliamentary practise.

So, now all hell’s broken loose in Parliament! If it wasn’t so bloody serious it would be hilarious! We are 11 days away from crashing out of the EU with no deal of any sort in place and no-one’s got a clue what to do! The fact that a developed nation and long-established Parliamentary democracy can descend into such a farce should be an object lesson to all nations and a lesson in how arrogance and complacency – oh, and some pretty shit politicians on all sides of the spectrum – can cripple a country.

What next? At the moment no-one has a clue. People are throwing around all sorts of fanciful scenarios and suggestions. All we know is the clock’s still ticking. Older readers may remember an American comedy called ‘Soap’ which ran from 1977 to 1981. Each episode began with a catch-up of the shenanigans in that last one, then the voice-over announced ‘Confused? You will be – after the next episode of Soap’

I think their writers came up with Brexit…