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Well, the home office. Wait, No! I mean my back room, not THE ‘Home Office’. I’m sure there’s plenty of headaches there dealing with the Brexitshambles and the uncertain status of over 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK after March 29th, not to mention the stuff around a young girl in a refugee camp in Syria.

My status was that of someone having a quiet day editing pictures, shuffling paperwork and generally clearing the decks. Whilst I was working I had one ear tuned to the news to see if anymore MPs had jumped party ship today. In that respect it was a slow news day. I did check in on Facebook to see what the reaction was amongst some friends who remain members of the Labour party. Denial was the only word to use. I saw a very pained post from someone where the essence of their whole validiction was “I’ve been deeply involved in Labour for years. If Antisemitism exists, I’ve never seen it” So, that’s alright then. As you were. No mention of the problem his ‘golden boy’ Corbyn is about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit – and the fact EIGHT Labour MPs have abandoned the whip never even got a mention! This is why I think Labour are screwed. Their inability to engage with the disappointment and frustration with Corbyn and his acolytes many people are feeling and expressing is incredible. For them it’s business as usual and –


Mind you the Tories don’t seem to be much better. Our two party system’s broken. Both have lost the trust of the people (and may of their natural supporters). I can only hope that the defections continue and it will lead to the disastrous path we’re following to the Brexit cliff-edge changes.

On the bright side, I’m making my own personal financial preparations and I’ve just booked a number of jobs that mean next week is going to be full of interesting and varied events at several locations that’ll fill a few rolling blogs.