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This morning we’re travelling on the Taieri Gorge railway, a tourist line that runs from Dunedin to Pukerangi. We’re travelling on some venerable old coaches hauled by a pair of equally antique Mitsubishi built diesels. Expect pictures as & when…


We’ve just arrived back after a fantastic trip. Needless to say there’s no phone reception where we’ve been.

The Trans-alpine may be considered one of the world’s great train journeys, but I have to say, in my opinion this equals if not tops it. The Taieri Gorge is simply stunning and the railway’s a real feat of engineering. Here’s the train at the head of the line after the pair of Mitsubishis had run round. These locos were built for NZR in 1968-69 and are wearing well!



This is a small selection of pictures from the route.






The weather was chilly before we set off this morning but it’s certainly warmed up – as you can see from the pictures. I’ve gone from a fleece to suntan lotion and a singlet.


This is a late night for us! We’ve just got back to our Airbnb after spending the past few hours at Sandfly Bay, looking for Yellow Eyed Penguins. We managed to observe two pairs, but by sunset (when we had to leave) no more had come ashore. Still, it was a great experience as the bay is beautiful. I’ll add some pictures as soon as I can. Tomorrow we’re on the move again – and with an early start too, as we’ve got to get across the South Island to Fjordland in time for an overnight cruise on Milford Sound. This means tomorrows blog may be a bit intermittent. It’s a five-hour plus drive, so tomorrow my role is to keep the driver (Dawn) happy!