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The weather’s picked up here in Wellington and the heavy cloud we had yesterday has deferred to its fluffier, more broken cousins. Today’s going to be rather sociable as 10 of us are meeting up for a meal this evening. We’ve a couple of friends from the UK (Merv and Alexa) who’re travelling in the opposite direction to us (South Island to North) and they pitch up in Wellington this afternoon, along with Alexa’s daughter. Meanwhile, another old friend of Dawn’s is coming along with her family, so we’re going to be mob handed for our last night in Wellington as tomorrow we catch the ferry to Picton on to the South Island.


We’ve spent a fascinating hour or so in the Te Anu museum, learning about how the Maori spread across the Pacific and made their way to New Zealand all those centuries ago. Talk about prodigious feats of navigation!

Now we’re soaking up the sun and enjoying a spot of calmari for lunch on the harbour front.

As expected yesterday turned into a very convivial day. Here’s the group at the end of it.