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After yesterday’s superb autumn weather we’ve had a complete change. I’ve been working  from home and I’ve hardly been able to see the other side of the valley all day! The fog came in this morning and it’s stuck, now it’s evening and the day seems to have slipped away into the murk.

I’ve been busy editing the pictures that I’ve taken in London and West Yorkshire before uploading them to my Zenfolio picture website. If you follow this link you can see the galleries I’ve added them to. I’ll upload a few here as samples.

In London I had a look at the old Liverpool St – Shenfield rail route that will become park of Crossrail, or the ‘Lizzie line’ if you prefer its new name. The old BR built Class 315 trains that have plied the route since 1980 are being replaced by the new Bombardier built Class 345s.

DG312949. 315843. Shenfield. 14.11.18crop

315843 and a sister unit sit in the new bay platform at Shenfield that was built to take Crossrail trains. 13th November 2018

DG313009. 345003. Manor Park. 14.11.18crop

Bombardier built 345003 approaches Manor Park in East London on a service to Shenfield. These 7 car units are replacing the 4 car class 315s and will operate the delayed Crossrail services from 2019.

A day later, on a very different railway, I was ensconced on a hill in West Yorkshire in equally stunning weather – but far more trees, and a lot shorter trains!

DG313076. 142019.142086. Walsden. 15.11.18crop

A pair of Northern Rail Pacers cross the Rochdale canal on the Gauxholme bridge as they make their way from Leeds to Manchester. In the background is the town of Todmorden. The autumnal colours in the leaves have been spectacular this year.

DG313150. Northern class 156. Todmorden 15.11.18crop

A Northern Rail Class 156 traverses the viaduct that crosses the centre of Todmorden. The railway station can just be seen trough the trees to the left.