Ever felt that you’re dreaming and that you’re in the script of a totally implausible movie? One that’s so unreal you think “Surely, no-one could think this would fly in real life?” Well, someone did write it, and it’s for real. It’s called Brexit, and we’ve all been trapped in it since June 2016. Only now it’s getting even more implausible, because today, the House of Commons voted to make itself redundant. Instead it voted to hand power to a Government that hasn’t got a clue what to do apart from save its own skin at the expense of the country’s economic and social wellbeing, led by a Prime Minister who will shamelessly tell a blatant lie to the national broadcaster (May telling the BBC that ‘extra’ money for the NHS will come from the non-existent Brexit ‘bonus’) who doesn’t even challenge her on the lie.

Who would have thought that UK democracy was so fragile, and so easily bought – and that MPs of both major parties would collude in it? I can only imagine what our European neighbours think as they watch our disaster unfold – apart from a determination to ensure that it doesn’t happen to them and they’re not infected with the political version of mad cow disease that we’ve succumbed to so easily. The next few months will show just how bovine our politicians have become…